Shannon Clem

poet, artist, musician, etc.

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Upcoming Publications

"HOW DOES THIS AFFECT ME?" in Scavengers 2.1* (Querencia Press)

* Originally set for publication in Scavengers 1.2. Due to logistical oversights, it is now slated to be featured in Scavengers 2.1 (Spring, 2024).


a visual poem chapbook,

"Erethism: A Poem"

with Naked Cat Publishing, coming in 2024!*

* Due to a recent restructuring at Naked Cat Publishing, I will not be moving forward with the publication of this chapbook as planned. The timing & distribution options that remain no longer seem appropriate. When The Universe speaks, I listen. I still hope to share it someday. Until then, it's back to burning a hole on my virtual shelf. Thanks to all who supported its release.

More to come...

Glisk and Glimmer:

Poems About Light

An Anthology by Sídhe Press featuring, "Prism" by Shannon Clem

Available NOW at Sídhe Press & Amazon!

Watch a recording of the Glisk and Glimmer: Poems About Light Online Book Launch on the Audio/Visual Page!

Coming Soon!

Access Guaranteed!

A Sídhe Press Festival

An Anthology by Querenica Press featuring, "Bodies On Display" , "A Girl Inside" , & "Things She Can't Live Without" by Shannon Clem

All sales will be donated to The Transgender Law Center.

OUT NOW at Querencia Press!

(Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Bookshop.)

Recent & Upcoming Events...

Out Now!

Up Now!

Out Now!

The first Sídhe Press festival! A two-day online event featuring a variety of Workshops & Readings from the poetry community.

(I will be participating/reading on day 2.)

Stay tuned!

More info to come...

Not Ghosts, But Spirits

Volume III

Order Now!

An Anthology Edited by Alyssa Goldberg for Olney Magazine featuring, "Shared Interests" & "On Fire At The Imaging Center" by Shannon Clem

"Reformatting the Pain Scale exists as an empowering and cathartic outlet to express pain outside of the medical binary."

ORDER NOW at Olney Magazine!

Reformatting the Pain Scale

Artwork by Robert Frede Kenter

"All Business"

Up Now!

A poem by Shannon Clem


It's okay, baby.

You can write it off as charity...