green and white sky

Shannon Clem (she/they) is a writer, musician, artist, humorist, & elusive creature. A former resident of Portland, Oregon, she is currently rumored to reside with her dazzling daughter & their squad of Squishmallows somewhere in California. Shannon's work explores love, loss, neurodivergence, queerness, addiction, domestic violence, chronic illness, disability, & hermitude—often with a humorous slant. They love music, comedy, cosmology, parapsychology, cryptozoology, the pollination process of figs, & paternal mouthbrooding jawfish. Shannon's work may be seen published or forthcoming in various anthologies and journals including: Reformatting The Pain Scale (Olney Magazine), Not Ghosts, But Spirits Vol. III (Querencia Press), Scavengers Lit 2 (Querencia Press), Glisk & Glimmer: Poems About Light (Sídhe Press), Our Own Coordinates: Poems About Dementia (Sídhe Press), Five Minutes (for which she has also been a Guest Reader), Beaver Magazine, The Hunger, Anti-Heroin Chic, Bullshit Lit, Versification Zine, Warning Lines, MIDLVLMAG, Rat's Ass Review, Dadakuku, & elsewhere.

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